I’m Rachel Bradley, an independent creator from the UK based in the USA. I paint, write, record videos, shoot reference for artists and teach others how to live fulfilled lives. Finding happiness and peace is my core message, and I hope to inspire others to find this in themselves through my work.

Primarily, I’m an artist and author. I’m writing a fantasy novel, The Sum of Our Deeds, and illustrating an accompanying art book. I write articles on the trickier aspects of being a creator and record videos discussing these issues with my husband. We also shoot reference photos together, and put these together as downloadable packs for artists.

I like to keep moving and doing new things. Aside from my the ventures listed above, I have a degree in Biomedical Science, worked as a 3D Print Specialist and have taken up jewellery-making, leather-working and salsa dancing in my free time. Ask me about any of these things and I’ll have a story or two.