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One of the things I love most about my job is getting to help other artists pursue what they love, too. It’s important to me that everyone (not just those who can afford it) can access resources that will help them to grow. That’s why I put together these free resources.

I hope they serve you well and, in return, I only ask that you pay it forward one day: help out others when you have the means, seek to bring positive change in whatever small way you can… and remember me when you’re famous ;).

Free Reference

  • Free reference packs
  • You’re welcome to use any images I post on Instagram as reference.
  • You can also use any of the preview images I use to promote my packs for free (ie. the preview images on my Gumroad products).


Every week, I send a free newsletter to my subscribers with the following:

  • Updates on things I’ve made
  • Useful resources I’ve found
  • Showcasing my followers’ art
  • Journal prompts/coaching question

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Noah and I create a free video/podcast series called Creators Chat. It’s an unscripted, casual, candid show in which we discuss topics highly relevant to artists and often rarely spoken about.  We like to cover a broad range of subjects, such as finding more success in our careers, nurturing our mental health and insights into recent developments in the art world.


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I share videos over on my YouTube channel. These are my favourites: