Originality is Overrated

So many of us artists grapple with the feeling that we have to be original, or that we are not original enough, or that we aren’t good enough or smart enough to be original. But originality can actually really hurt our ability to connect with our audience, and the pursuit of originality for originality’s sake can hinder us more than it helps. This article will help you better understand originality and provide you with an easier and more effective route towards it.

Stop Sexualising my Paintings

Ok, so I’m going to start by saying it’s unlike me to write a strong opinion piece. I’m not a fan of inflammatory content, from myself or from others, but this one I feel is important to my work and the message I am conveying and to a social problem more collectively.

On Finding Your Passion

Passion is a word that gets thrown around lightly, flippantly and thoughtlessly. We hear it all the time, and for many of us, the mere sound of it can drop a bomb in our stomachs as we wonder if we’re broken for not having had our eureka moment.

Understanding Our Core Values

to break down why we do the things we normally do and see if we can find other ways to do them. Essentially, we need to understand our Core Values.

Why Cruising is Still Moving

Let’s shift our focus away from speeding up our journey and on to finding our optimal, safe pace.

Don’t Wait to be Saved

My journey has been strewn with blessings and mistakes. Heed my lessons and don’t make the same mistakes I made.