Trapped Within Myself

I learned in school that when a gas is heated within a container, thermal energy is converted to kinetic energy, and the particles move around faster. They rebound off the walls and off each other, exerting more and more pressure on the container as the temperature rises. Initially, the container …

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Originality is Overrated

So many of us artists grapple with the feeling that we have to be original, or that we are not original enough, or that we aren’t good enough or smart enough to be original. But originality can actually really hurt our ability to connect with our audience, and the pursuit of originality for originality’s sake can hinder us more than it helps. This article will help you better understand originality and provide you with an easier and more effective route towards it.

Have You Been Feeling it, too?

“…Like the setting sun casts a shadow so slowly that we don’t consciously notice the light changing, nostalgia has crept up on me, whispering seductively about times gone by and simpler, happier, more hopeful days…”